Visitor information about Corona measures

Update late june 2021

We are opened again, but do have some safety measures. Below you will find the measures we take together to provide a fun and safe experience.

Measures related to Corona

Safety measures we already took remain in force, but are not at the expense of the experience.

Social Distance


We have made adjustments, allowing us to handle the ‘social distance’ of at least 1.5 meters between our staff and your group. We would like to ask you to respect this space and we will put on our most beautiful smile when you enter instead of giving a hand shake! Compliance with the social distance between group members is the responsibility of the group.

We have increased the time between the groups to one hour. As a result, besides our game host, only your group is at the location and there is no other group in the bar before and after the game.

Risk groups

Groups with players who have a cold, fever, cough or sneeze are unfortunately not allowed. This also applies to players who fall into one of the risk groups as determined by the RIVM. Which ones are, you can find at this link.

Other measures

  • We ask to disinfect the hands before and after the game.
  • There are latex gloves and mouth masks available.
  • We also use the extra time between the groups to clean the room with a hygienic cloth and spray.