Theme – Escaperoom Groenlo


You find yourself in Grolle in the year 1627. The city has been occupied for 20 years by the Spaniards and acting commander is Matthijs van Dulcken. Within the high city walls everything seems peaceful and quiet. Merchants sell their goods, children play and women wash and prepare tonight's dinner.
Something is brewing. 'Prince Frederick Henry wants to take Grolle back', your best friend Kobus -well-known figure in the resistance - tells you. But van Dulcken is also busy scheming and hatches a plan to murder Frederick Henry. The Prince must be warned! Do you have it in you to save Prince Frederick Henry and the city of Grolle?


Grolle, as Groenlo used to be known, was a fortress city in the east of the Netherlands and its strategic location made Groenlo an important trade center. Grolle was occupied by the Spanish in 1627 but as far as the revolutionaries were concerned, that had to change. Prince Frederick Henry, youngest sun of William of Orange, received the order to recapture Grolle from the Spanish.
The preperations took place in deepest secret. The revolutionary army consisted of 20.000 infantery and 5.000 cavalry. By now, the Spanish knew that a large revolutionary army was on its way. The army arrived on the 20th of July at the city of Grolle and the following days heavy fighting ensued...