Escaperoom Groenlo

Escaperoom Groenlo is a challenging and nerve-racking game based on the Battle of Grolle in 1627. The building played an important role in that year for the resistance against the Spaniards who were serving in Grol.

Almost 4 centuries later you will be back in the 17th century for a moment, where you have to complete an important task in the midst of the advancing war violence.

The facts…

Siege of Grol

The Siege of Groenlo (also known as the Siege of Grol) in 1627 was a siege set up by Prince Frederik Hendrik of Orange of the fortress occupied by the Spaniards during the Eighty Years’ War. The siege lasted from July 20 to August 19. Part of the siege was the construction of a circumvallation line around the city, to prevent Grol from receiving reinforcements, to store supplies and ammunition and to prevent a dismay. Hendrik van den Bergh, a Dutch nobleman in Spanish military service and a full cousin of Frederik Hendrik, tried to relieve Grol with a large army, but came too late. Grol would remain state until the end of the war.

Grol in 1627. A murder plot.

Will you save Prince Frederik Hendrik?

You are in the Grolle of 1627. The city has been occupied for 20 years by Spaniards and Matthijs van Dulcken is in charge. Everything seems calm within the towering city walls. Traders sell their wares, children play and the women do the laundry or prepare dinner.

Yet something is brewing. “Prince Frederik Hendrik wants to conquer Grolle again,” your best friend Kobus confides in you. Kobus is a well-known leader in the growing resistance.

And then it happens. The booming of a cannon, followed by deafening silence. The people of Grol look frightened, but also hopeful. Spanish gatekeepers see a gigantic army looming in the distance. And not in one place. No, the entire city is surrounded by the Prince and his State troops! It cannot be long before Grolle is relieved.

But Van Dulcken is also on the move. The resistance discovers that in the deepest secrecy he is forging a plot to kill Frederik Hendrik. The Prince must be warned! Only … the city is completely locked to refuse the recapture. How do you come to see him before the killers do that?

Do you have the power to save Prince Frederik Hendrik and the city of Grolle?