Holiday in the Eastern Netherlands? Play Escaperoom Groenlo!

Escaperoom Groenlo has been voted best escaperoom, favorite and finest outing several times. Among others, the Inspection Service escaperoomsnederland.nl, leading Ducth news site Nu.nl and tv broadcaster RTL4 were very enthusiastic about this escape room.

At Escaperoom Groenlo you will be pulled into the story of Kobus. He needs your help to warn Prince Frederik Hendrik about the murder attempt that has been planned on him. It is the year 1627 and against the backdrop of the 80-year war you have to flee the city, but how? By being faster than the enemy and working well with your team, you can outwit the enemy. But hurry up, because the mysteries are piling up and time is running out.

Escaperoom Groenlo is a challenging game for you to play as a team and is fun for families, colleagues, groups of friends and the ever-growing group of escaperoom-fanatics. By solving puzzles and challenges together, you’ll get deeper involved in the story and closer to the exciting climax.