The creation (EN) – Escaperoom Groenlo

The creation of the escape room

By: Henri Walterbos and published in various media

This could be something for Groenlo and its rich history! That's what Michaël Lammers thought when he watched co-presenter Alexander Klopping of the Dutch TV-show 'de wereld draait door' bringing up the phenomenon escape rooms.
For many it was a complete novelty. "Some escape rooms already existed in the Netherlands but ever since then it went completely through the roof. I started to call around immidiately and after a nightly brainstorm session we soon hatched a plan and got going. The Escape room 1627 is the result.
A lot of work has been done ever since.
With plenty of short nights." This evening in the middle of the week is that cheerful moment when all volunteers gathered to see the unveiling of the sign on the facade of the historical building in the Beltrumsestraat 10, where the escape room is housed. The four of them pull a rope to unveil the sign.
Niek Molendijk, Bjorn Vije and Nick Oostendorp are the men who made the effort with Lammers to conceive this new attraction in Groenlo, in cooperation with alderman René Hoijtink, who just came down the stairs cheerfully, after Michaël Lammers gave him a tour behind the scenes and a peak behind the 'great secret' of the escape room in Groenlo. "Despite doing 'test runs' for a while this feels kind of official, but we continue to develop the escape room. We like to be amongst the best escape rooms in the Netherlands." From the very start, escape room Groenlo has attracted plenty of attention, according to a happy Niek Molendijk. "It's going well. Visitors just keep showing up. From everywhere. The people even come from North-Holland or Sealand provinces to Groenlo, especially to visit the escape room because this one is very special."

Battle for Grol 1627
Escape room Groenlo and those who were involved with turning this little part of Groenlo's history into reality, wanted to differentiate from other versions of this real-life game from the very start. "The theme Battle for Grol 1627 was set from the start.
In one escape room you find yourself in prison and you have to escape it some how, but here we wanted to fit Groenlo's history into it. But how?"
The men gave it considerable thought.
"You inquire everywhere and you get in touch with people who are good in coming up with games, or people who know those kind of people and who put in a good word for you. Everybody contributed in their own way to the escape room. We are extremely happy with the final result. History might have an old-fashioned image for some, but we did something very hip with Groenlo's history. Everything is very authentic, in the style of the Battle of Grol."
The initiators's website is flooded with positive reactions weekly; 'what a great experience. excellent idea,' 'a well situated story with nice and challenging puzzles, recommended for everybody. It perfectly fits in with a visit to Groenlo,' "Something we could only dream of," Lammers cheers. "It's great to see how much people are having fun with everything we came up with and implemented.
" For foreign visitors can now also enjoy the German and English version.

For more information see Facebook; Escaperoom Groenlo, .”